The Lynhaven Neighborhood Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our little corner of San Jose.

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October 21, 2015

Dear Cal Trans Officials,

The homeless encampment on the South side of I 280 (San Jose) between San Tomas Expressway and Winchester Blvd. is a problem for the residents adjacent to that strip of land.  There are many homeless people between the chain-link fence and the freeway.  They are setting bonfires; leaving trash and human waste; tapping into water lines; tapping into electrical lines; running back and forth across Moorpark Avenue; stealing bicycles; making noise at night; and roaming neighborhood streets.

In addition, our South Bay freeways are full of litter, graffiti, and excess vegetation.  It looks horrible, and is an embarrassment.

Would you PLEASE, PLEASE, work to resolve both issues and keep us informed regarding your progress?

We will appreciate your attention to these problems.

Best regards,

Gerald Giles
Ex-Officio, Lynhaven Neighborhood Association
San Jose District One Leadership Group Representative


October 28, 2015

I noticed the homeless encampment has been broken up.

Dean Sala

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For the LNA neighbors who are unable to come to our monthly meeting, please click on the Documents tab on this website, and read our Monthly Minutes. See what is happening in your neighborhood!

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L.E.R.T. (Lynhaven Emergency Response Team)

The LNA L.E.R.T. (Lynhaven Emergency Response Team) committee is looking for volunteers to help staff the many positions needed to establish our emergency preparedness program. We will need team leaders in each of our six residential divisions, and we need to know whom within our area is a doctor, nurse, ham radio operator, electrician, plumber, and security expert. We will also need to know of anyone with similar skills and training. Finally, if you know a number of people on your block, we need volunteers to gather information from residents such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, occupation, number of people living within the residence, language skills, and medical disabilities. We intend to create a database that emergency responders can use to prioritize their rescue efforts.


Dear Members, Neighbors, and Friends:

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, a group of your neighbors (Mary Ann West, Susan Larson, Rick Larson, Tony Madieros and Madieros children, Clark Leakins, Jerry Giles, and a number of students from Lynbrook Highschool) spent four hours beautifying the Southeast corner of the intersection of San Tomas Expressway and Moorpark Avenue.

We removed approximately 15 yards of excess vegetation and garbage and added 20 yards of fresh ground cover. I think that you will agree that projects like this, which was part of our neighborhood Clean Up Day effort, add to the value of your neighborhood and indirectly to the value of your home.

In addition to Clean Up Day, we need new volunteers to participate in our other yearly events (Dumpster Day and National Night Out) as well as assist in on-going administrative activities. So, please consider giving of your time and money (annual membership is only $20) to assist the Lynhaven Neighborhood Association make your little corner of San Jose a more beautiful and appealing place to live. Remember, we are all in this together. You can make a difference! We hope to hear from you soon!


Jerry Giles
Lynhaven Neighborhood Association


A letter from Moira Hafer of Acterra

I work for Acterra, a local environmental non-profit organization based in Palo Alto. Our Green@Home program, which offers free residential energy assessments, has just started working in the Winchester area of San Jose, and the Lynhaven neighborhood is part of the area we are now serving. We are funded by the City of San Jose and Silicon Valley Energy Watch, and we are currently trying to spread the word about our program within the Lynhaven neighborhood so we can schedule as many HouseCalls as possible between now and September, which is when our pilot period ends. After a HouseCall is scheduled, Acterra sends trained volunteers to the residence, where they perform energy-saving actions and install free upgrades such as CFL bulbs, low-flow faucet aerators, and door or window weatherstripping.

We have been working with the Winchester Neighborhood Action Coalition to spread the word about our program, and now we are reaching out to neighborhood associations within the Winchester area. We held a walking event on January 28th in the Winchester area, where we distributed flyers to 1,900 households in all of the WNAC neighborhoods. We would love to be able to provide Lynhaven residents with more information about our service, and answer any questions you may have.

To date, we have performed 6 HouseCalls in the Winchester Neighborhood and have scheduled 8 more (with more requests coming in) as a result of our walking event. We are excited about our growing program in this area, and are looking forward to working with the Lynhaven NA to keep the program alive in the future!

Thank you for your time!


Moira Hafer



The Lynhaven Neighborhood Association (LNA) is a group of your neighbors who volunteer their time to improve the quality of life where we live by working with the city, police and local businesses. Some of the areas of focus are traffic, beautification, safety and emergency preparedness. We organize such events as Dumpster Day, E-Waste Recycling, Beautification Projects and National Night Out (ice cream social).

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